Keao sanitaryware source in Germany's traditional industrial origin, and the introduction of Europe the latest technology, the heritage of more than 100 years of bathroom thought and culture to China, to create "enjoy the artistic bathroom space," humanities bathroom design concept as a guide, pay attention to product of independent research and development and innovation, extract with the essence of concentrated European bath culture

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Professional production

Keao sanitaryware ten years focus on high-quality solid wood cabinet production, was named "Chinese ten bathroom cabinet brand"

Material selection

Keao sanitaryware have very strict standards in the selection, Thailand has always insisted on the use of oak, red oak and other imported timber,

Superior technology

Ko brand solid wood cabinet with multi angle and pure hand carved, the whole process by the Dongyang sculptor crafted a hammer a chisel,

Green quality

Keao sanitaryware products was named "China's outstanding green products" has always insisted on the use of Chinese famous brand "Carpoly" green paint

high temperature ceramics

Keao sanitaryware is made of high quality clay as porcelain blank, imported glaze,


CoALL wood counter surfaces are made of precious natural marble, beautiful texture

Quality hardware

CoALL solid wood cabinet hardware accessories are mute hinge brand well-known manufacturers produced

knight sarvice

Keao sanitaryware has been adhering to the "customer satisfaction first" service concept,

CoALL customer witness————

20000 more than the true witness bathroom!


Hotel Victoria

At the sight of the top luxury solid wood bathroom CoALL, when the bathroom cabinet, I feel the same.

Royal Prince Hotel

We also pay more attention to the bathroom as a personal place to relax.

Huang Raphael

At the sight of the top luxury solid wood bathroom CoALL, when the bathroom cabinet, I feel the same

Jun Yue Hotel

In the international coal bathroom bathroom big talent shows itself under attack,

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