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Introduction to enterprise foundation:

Foshan Keao Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd is located in the ceramic capital of China - Foshan City, Guangdong Province, was founded in 2005, is a set of scientific research, manufacturing and production as one of the modern bathroom enterprises.

Production scale:

Company's existing staff of more than 200 people, including senior technical staff of more than 30 people, with two industry is more advanced and more perfect bathroom cabinet production line, production in the forefront of the industry.

Sales network:

Companies in China to establish a relatively complete industry within the terminal sales network and product sales, sales and after-sales service system, to occupy a certain industry sales. At present, sales of products have covered Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas and other countries and regions.

Production process:

Whole line using Markov woodworking machinery, large polishing machine and industry take the lead in the use of clean spray room, are handmade, each product more dense, smooth, fully embodies the core concept of nature, environmental protection.

Brand origin:

With the continuous change of the development of the world economy and traffic tools, countries exchanges become increasingly frequent, Olympic Games is remarkable event, when China officially bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be successful moment, China put forward to hold a session of "high tech Olympics, Green Olympics and Humanistic Olympics", under such a background, "Ko" brand also arises at the historic moment. We will strive for the Olympic Games, hard work and enterprising spirit to continue to inherit. Keao sanitaryware source in Germany's traditional industrial origin, and the introduction of Europe the latest technology, the heritage of more than 100 years of bathroom thought and culture to China, to create "enjoy the artistic bathroom space," humanities bathroom design concept as a guide, pay attention to product of independent research and development and innovation, extraction and concentrated European bath culture "perfect and fashion" essence, with rigorous, fine German manufacturing process and European design style, creating a leisurely quality noble, luxurious comfort, style unique, creative bathroom products. To create a comfortable, healthy, perfect bathroom life for modern people. When you more and more attention to the quality of your life, your living space, but also Keao sanitaryware pursuit -- for you to create a personalized, comfortable, warm "Ko" green space.

Brand positioning:

Is committed to the establishment in the industry leading brands, product innovation, elegant style and color orthodox led, formed a series of products with the guide, in the high-end market positioning and relatively reasonable market prices, Ko company in the industry is gradually becoming the highest price brand.

Brand appeal:

The company has always been adhering to the "creative art bathroom space" design concept, to promote high quality, personalized, green environmental protection, high technology content of the bathroom furniture.



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